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What Is The Best Heat Pump Brand In New Zealand

What Is The Best Heat Pump Brand In New Zealand?

Posted on June 9, 2023

When it comes to building a new house or upgrading the heating system in your existing home, you’ll no doubt be considering a wide range of heating options. There is one heating source that stands out above the rest: the heat pump. A heat pump is a favoured choice amongst homeowners. With its exceptional efficiency in both heating and cooling, cost-effectiveness, safety, and longevity, heat pumps offer a superior alternative to traditional heating systems.

In this blog post we’ll try to help you understand the importance of a good heat pump and help you find the best heat pump brand in New Zealand. Keep reading to avoid cold homes and high electricity bills.

The benefits of heat pumps:

  • Safety: Heat pumps are much safer than systems that are based on combustion as they operate without any open flames or other hazardous fuel sources.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Heat pumps are more economical to run compared to oil and gas boilers. 
  • Decreased carbon emissions: With their exceptional energy conversion rate, they help reduce your carbon emissions while providing efficient heat.
  • Low maintenance: Heat pumps require less maintenance compared to combustion heating systems. This means fewer hassles and expenses associated with routine upkeep.
  • Cooling capability: One of the standout features of heat pumps is their ability to provide cooling during the summer months. This added functionality effectively transforms them into air conditioners, ensuring year-round comfort.
  • Longevity: Heat pumps have an impressive lifespan, typically lasting between 20 to 25 years. This longevity makes them highly reliable and a steady source of heat for your home.

How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps move heat from one place to another, using a compressor to circulate liquid or gas refrigerant. Through this, the heat is extracted from an outside source and then pumped indoors. Pumping the heat tends to use a lot less electrical energy than other types of methods of turning electricity into heat. Plus, during the summer months, the cycle can be reversed, and the unit will act as an air conditioner instead, making it multi-functional. 

Heat pumps in New Zealand

In countries like New Zealand, where we have extreme changes in seasonal temperatures, heat pumps have become the go-to option as a heat source. With Canterbury’s searing hot summers and frosty cold winters, the need for efficient heating and cooling is paramount. Heat pumps offer the most efficient alternative to fuel, oil, and electrical systems, boasting a capacity to deliver more heating and cooling than the energy they consume. In fact, their efficiency rate can be as high as an impressive 300%.

What is the best heat pump brand in NZ?

As heat pumps have become an indispensable component of modern homes, it is essential to choose the right brand, especially when considering heat pump installation in Christchurch. Whether you are looking to heat just one room, multi rooms across your home or a central heating solution, Mitsubishi Electric stands out as the best heat pump brand in New Zealand. It excels in performance, durability, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps perform exceptionally well in our varied climate. With a reputation for excellence, reliability, and innovative technology, Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps have gained widespread popularity among homeowners. Each and every Mitsubishi Electric heat pump is a product of extensive research, testing and continual development to improve performance. As a result, their heat pumps are of the highest quality and feature superior technology. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the features and benefits that make Mitsubishi Electric the best heat pump brand in New Zealand.

The Mitsubishi Electric Advantage

Mitsubishi Electric have been providing New Zealanders with market-leading technology in heat pumps since 1968. Their heat pumps incorporate innovative features that enhance efficiency, comfort, and ease of use. Here are some key features that make Mitsubishi Electric the best heat pump brand in New Zealand:

Home comfort with superior technology designed for New Zealand conditions

While most heat pumps are designed for cooling, Mitsubishi Electric starts with heating in mind. With a focus on heating, they excel at what New Zealanders expect them to do, keep them warm throughout the winter, with the added benefit of providing efficient cooling during those long, hot summer months. 

Staying at the forefront of technology is of utmost importance to Mitsubishi Electric. With a commitment to rigorous factory testing and continuous investment in R&D to ensure their products are of the highest quality and feature superior technology. 

Focused on providing improved air quality to your home

Focused on providing improved air quality to your home

Mitsubishi Electric prioritises technology that improves air quality within your home to create a pleasant and healthy living environment. Good indoor air quality is essential to our well-being. With technology such as Plasma Quad Plus Filtration, Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps utilise advanced filtration systems to remove allergens, bacteria, and odours from the air. 

This advanced filtration system works to clean away viruses including Covid-19 as well as smells, dust, mould and other common household allergens, making it an ideal addition for asthma and allergy sufferers or those seeking a healthier, safer home. 

In addition to the Plasma Quad Plus Filtration system, homeowners can also add extra benefits and provide much needed ventilation to your home by integrating Lossnay fresh air ventilation. 

Lossnay is essential for maintaining good air quality and removes stale air, allergens and pollutants linked to headaches and allergies. Proper ventilation will also control moisture to prevent crying windows and the growth of mould and mildew in your home. Lossnay also keeps the energy bills low as it recovers energy from the stale air within your home to pre-heat or pre-cool incoming fresh air, reducing the amount of additional heating or cooling required.

Improved operation with Dual Barrier Coating

World’s first Dual Barrier Coating from Mitsubishi Electric prevents dust and dirt from accumulating on the inner surface of the indoor unit. Not only does dust and dirt build-up typically create unpleasant odours, it also forces a heat pump to work harder, which can result in significantly impaired energy efficiency. By keeping key internal components like the heat exchanger, fan and internal duct clean, energy efficient operation is maximised.

More features to provide energy efficiency

Mitsubishi Electric operates under their Environmental Vision 2050 framework to reflect their resolve to operate as a responsible, eco-minded corporate citizen. The brand strives for the best and most environmentally friendly use of energy in buildings by developing zero or low-carbon technologies that consume the least amount of energy with minimal environmental impact. 

With a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric helps homeowners reduce their energy bills while minimising their environmental impact.

More environmentally friendly R32 Refrigerant

As one of the best heat pump brands in NZ, Mitsubishi Electric perfects their heat pumps with the R32 refrigerant, which has a much lower environmental impact than older refrigerants used in many heat pump technologies. The R32 refrigerant has a global warming potential that is 30% lower compared to older refrigerants, furthermore, R32 is easier to reuse and recycle. 

To assist with a change in more climate friendly refrigerants, Mitsubishi Electric has developed Pipe Reuse Technology. This unique technology allows for the replacement of old, inefficient R22 systems (which are now phased out) with new, low FzGWP R32 heat pump systems without having to replace the existing pipework of the old system but rather, reuse the pipework and wiring to make way for the new R32 system.

Reducing energy consumption with EcoCore Inverter Technology

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps utilise EcoCore inverter technology, which adjusts compressor speed based on the heating or cooling requirements. This technology provides precise temperature control, reduces energy consumption, and maintains the perfect temperature across your home.

best heat pump brand

Intelligent Econo Cool Function

This temperature control feature adjusts the airflow distributed in each room depending on the air outlet temperature. This feature from one of the best heat pump brands in NZ allows you to set a temperature limit, preventing excessive cooling and reducing energy consumption. The temperature settings can be raised by 2 degrees Celsius without any loss of in-room comfort. That’s equal to a gain of up to 20% in energy efficiency. 

In-built Wi-Fi connectivity – never return to a cold home again

Mitsubishi Electric have developed an advanced Wi-FI Control, giving you the freedom to manage your heat pumps via your smartphone, tablet or online account, no matter where you are. Wi-Fi Control lets you pre-heat or cool your room so you always arrive home to total comfort. 

Wi-Fi control reflects the real-time temperature of the rooms across your home, allowing you to set each area to the perfect temperature. Using advanced settings such as the unique rule setting functionality, allows you to customise a perfect minimum and maximum temperature range within your home, resulting in the ultimate temperature maintained across your home. 

Wi-Fi controls used to optimise your energy savings

When connected to a Mitsubishi Electric ducted heat pump system with zone control, Wi-Fi control unlocks expanded functionality to deliver the very best in advanced energy optimisation. Now you can control and monitor which areas of your home your ducted heating system is controlling in real time. Resulting in overall energy savings as heat energy is directed only to where it is needed most. 

3D i-See Sensor for efficient heating always

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps feature a 3D i-See Sensor, to allow a new level of energy efficient heating and cooling. The sensor splits the room into 752 zones to scan and detect exactly where people are in the room. It then directs hot or cold air to these zones to adjust the airflow and temperature distribution accordingly. This technology ensures even temperature distribution throughout the space, eliminating hot and cold spots.

The 3D i-See sensor will also detect whether or not there are people in the room. If no one is detected, the heat pump will automatically switch to a no occupancy mode. The no occupancy energy saving mode automatically reduces power consumption by 10% after 10 minutes and 20% after 60 minutes. Alternatively, you can set the heat pump to turn off if no one is detected within a room, saving you energy, power and money. 

Ensure consistent heating performance even in sub-zero temperatures

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are equipped with HyperCore technology ensuring they provide reliable warmth even in the coldest winters. HyperCore Technology has been specifically designed to ensure full rated heating capacity is produced on even the coldest, frostiest nights. HyperCore units guarantee full rated heating capacity right down to -15°C! 

New Zealand’s quietest heat pumps

New Zealand’s quietest heat pumps

As one of the best heat pump brands in the country, Mitsubishi Electric recognises that noise affects comfort, so have built heat pumps that are as quiet as possible. Starting from just 18dBA, Mitsubishi Electric high wall and floor console units are unrivalled for quietness – so you can feel warm, but not hear it! 

The secret to quietness is all in the design, Mitsubishi Electric take great lengths to ensure their design equals maximum quietness during operation. With whisper quiet operation, Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps operate quietly, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful and undisturbed living.

With its cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency, and focus on superior comfort and air quality, Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps offer exceptional performance and reliability. The incorporation of features like HyperCore Technology, Inverter Technology, dual barrier coating, and Wi-Fi connectivity showcases the brand's commitment to innovation and customer convenience making it New Zealand’s number one heat pump brand. 

With the best heat pump brand in New Zealand, Mitsubishi Electric, homeowners can enjoy a comfortable living environment, precise temperature control, clean indoor air quality, and whisper-quiet operation. Investing in a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump ensures not only a reliable and efficient heating and cooling solution but also peace of mind knowing you have chosen a brand that consistently delivers superior performance.

DC Installation Services works exclusively with Mitsubishi Electric for all of our heat pump installations in Christchurch, Selwyn and Waimakariri. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest standard of workmanship and products. With this, our team of heat pump professionals recommend Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps for all your residential heating and cooling needs.

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