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Regular heat pump and air conditioner maintenance extends your unit's lifespan

Regular servicing helps your heat pump work efficiently for longer
Our team can help when unexpected repairs are needed
Quality workmanship backed by a full lifetime guarantee
Servicing customers within a 30km radius of Christchurch including Selwyn and Waimakariri

Expert heat pump servicing and repairs will help to keep your Canterbury home at the right temperature

If in the unlikely event that your heat pump or air conditioner needs maintenance or unforeseen repairs, our team are here to help. We cover homes within a 30km radius of Christchurch city including the Selwyn and Waimakariri districts.

Our team offers regular heat pump cleaning and servicing for both the inside and outside units and are on hand to undertake repairs if necessary. All of our Mitsubishi Electric products come with a five-year warranty, so the work may even be covered for you.

Keep your unit running well with regular heat pump cleaning services in Christchurch

Many people get their heat pump installed and then forget about it - until it starts not working properly. It is a much better idea to book a regular heat pump cleaning in Christchurch. Even if you are cleaning your heat pump yourself regularly, we still recommend you get a professional heat pump service once a year. Ideally servicing your heat pump prior to peak seasons ensures its performance to be at its best, whether it be for heating or cooling. Some benefits of regular servicing are:

Extend the lifespan of your heat pump. With regular servicing a good heat pump like the Mitsubishi Electric ones we recommend will last generally around 10 - 15 years - much longer than if left without maintenance.

Keep your heat pump working efficiently. If parts of your heat pump get blocked or worn, then it won't work as efficiently which not only means a colder house but also more energy consumption.
Keep your home healthy. Regular cleaning ensures the filters are clean and unblocked so they can catch bacteria and other particles and stop them entering your home.

As part of our air conditioning and heating service we will look at both the indoor and outdoor parts of your system. Work includes checking electrical connections, cleaning coils and filters, removing dust and cleaning casings, checking and flushing the condensate drain and outside drain and checking for leaks.

What you can do to help with your heat pump cleaning in Chch:

While we do recommend regular professional servicing, there are also a few things you can do at home to keep your heat pump running well.
Clean the louvers and plastic covers with a damp cloth to remove any dust and dirt.
Gently hose down the outdoor unit to remove dirt and dust and use a brush to get rid of any cobwebs or debris that could block the coil or drain.
Clean the filters by gently vacuuming them or wiping with a damp cloth. If they are very dirty you can also remove them and carefully wash them with warm soapy water. Leave them to dry fully before replacing.

Remember to check your manual before carrying out any heat pump cleaning in Chch to make sure you are following the manufacturer's instructions.

Flashing lights, strange noises, water leaks or dodgy temperatures? Contact us for prompt heating and air conditioning repairs

While most high-quality heat pumps like the Mitsubishi Electrics we supply will work for years without any issues, if you do notice that your air conditioner is leaking water inside or your unit is not heating, it is making funny noises or smells or any other problem, give us a call to arrange repairs.

Our team provide local heat pump and air conditioning repairs across Christchurch, Selwyn and Waimakariri and can usually get to you within 48 hours to deal with the problem. Our experienced heat pump technicians have well stocked vans, so most problems can be dealt with on the spot.

Before you call us you might like to check the troubleshooting pages of your manual in case you can solve the problem. For example it may just be that the remote batteries need changing, or the filters need a clean.


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