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Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump
When it comes to creating the perfect indoor environment, comfort and efficiency are paramount. Whether you're building a new home or looking to upgrade your existing heating and cooling system, a Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Heat Pump System is the ideal solution. Designed to provide whole-home central heating and cooling at a constant temperature throughout your house, it offers year-round comfort, energy efficiency, and whisper-quiet operation.

With a wide range of variations in airflow options and flexible duct design, Mitsubishi Electric Central Ducted Heat Pump Systems provide greater freedom in the placement of indoor units throughout the home. There is a large selection of models to suit every home including a ‘splittable’ model that can be separated into two during transportation and fit through a ceiling hole, ideal for the remodelling of existing homes.
heating ventilation and air conditioning
Hidden from View
One of the standout features of the Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Heat Pump System is its discreet installation.
Mounted in the ceiling with only subtle grilles visible, this ducted system allows your interior design style to shine, making it the perfect choice for those who value aesthetics and functionality. It seamlessly integrates into your home and provides a sleek and unobtrusive solution for whole-home heating or cooling, making it one of our preferred ducted heat pumps in Christchurch.
With Grille Options to Complement Your Interior Design
Mitsubishi Electric understands that every home is unique, and their Ducted Heat Pump Systems offer a wide range of grille options to best suit your installation needs. Whether you prefer ceiling and wall installations or underfloor grille options, you can customise your system to seamlessly blend with your interior design.
Lossnay Wall Mounted Controller
Easy to Use 7-Day Wall Controller to Maximise Energy Efficiency
Controlling your indoor climate has never been easier with the Mitsubishi Electric heat pump ducted heating system.
The system comes equipped with a user-friendly 7-day wall controller featuring a large backlit screen and intuitive menus for effortless operation. You can program up to eight temperature and airflow patterns per day for seven days, maximising energy-efficient operation and saving you both time and money.
Optional Wi-Fi Control – Never Return to a Cold Home Again
Imagine pre-heating or cooling your entire home no matter where you are. Whether you're on your way home, running late, coming home early, or even in a different country, optional Wi-Fi Control ensures that you'll always arrive home to total comfort. This smart feature adds convenience to your life and allows you to optimise energy usage, making it our favourite ducted heat pump in Christchurch.
Optional Zone Control
For even greater control over your indoor climate and energy efficiency, consider the optional Zone Control feature. You can program and control up to 4 or up to 8 individual zones, providing heating or cooling only to the rooms that require it. Built-in sensor functions monitor room temperature, brightness, and occupancy to maximise the energy-efficient use of the whole system throughout your home or specific areas as needed.

Combine a Central Ducted Heat Pump System with Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation

In addition to its exceptional heating and cooling capabilities, Mitsubishi Electric offers a cutting-edge solution for ventilation through the Lossnay Core. This unique system works by efficiently recovering heat from stale air extracted from your home and pre-warming or pre-cooling the incoming fresh outdoor air.

Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Ventilation system can be integrated with a ducted heat pump system offering a complete home heating, ventilation and air conditioning solution.

The Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay System is a patented heat recovery ventilation solution that uses fresh air (not attic air) to ventilate your home. The system works by extracting stale air from inside your house and replacing it with allergen-reduced fresh air from outside. At the same time, the system recovers heat energy from the stale air and uses this to pre-warm (or pre-cool) the incoming air. The result? A warmer, drier and healthier home that costs less to heat (or cool).
Why Choose a Central Ducted Heat Pump System with Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation?
Designed Specifically for Your Home
Whole-home temperature control
Discrete and Unobtrusive
Grilles can be Customised to Fit Your Home Aesthetic
Lossnay Fresh Air Ventilation
Recover energy to pre-warm (or cool) incoming air
Optional Wi-Fi and Zone Control
Creating a healthy living environment is important when renovating or building a new home. In addition to efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning, this should include the optimum amount of fresh air.

Current building regulations now demand homes to be built more airtight as they are subjected to higher insulation standards, but this often means a lack of natural ventilation and can lead to a build-up of moisture-laden stale air within the home. Mould and dampness can compromise both building materials as well as furnishings inside the home, especially window sills, curtains and carpets, let alone also having a harmful impact on the health of the home’s occupants. The option of leaving doors or windows open to allow more fresh air to enter is often not the solution from an outdoor noise, weather or security perspective and can make heating the home less energy efficient.

This is where the Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay System can make a real difference.

The Lossnay Difference

The Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation System allows you to have a well-ventilated home without the need to open windows. The Lossnay Ventilation system works by extracting stale air from inside your house and replacing it with allergen-reduced fresh air from outside.

Furthermore, Lossnay also recovers heat energy from the outgoing stale air to pre-warm (or pre-cool) the fresh air being drawn into your home.
Why Choose Lossnay Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation?
Draws in fresh air from the outside not the attic
Removes stale air
Reduces moisture build-up
Improves air quality for better health and wellbeing
Efficient energy recovery that pre-warms or pre-cools incoming air Ventilation Solutions to Suit Most New Zealand Homes
Mitsubishi Electric offers a full Lossnay Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation Range from in-ceiling whole home heat recovery solutions, to ducted heat pumps and wall-mounted single room models. The latest addition to their ducted heat pumps' range is the Vertical Lossnay that features a small, upright footprint allowing it to be placed in the garage or a utility cupboard and therefore isn’t limited to an in-roof installation.

Lossnay effectively helps to reduce moisture from your home by constantly bringing in fresh filtered air from the outside (not attic air) and directly removing damp stale, stagnant air that causes condensation. Furthermore Lossnay not only effectively manages humidity levels for better health and well-being, it also recovers heat energy from the stale outgoing air at the same time. This is then used to pre-warm (or cool) the incoming fresh air, maximising energy efficiencies.

Lossnay Heat Recovery Ventilation from Mitsubishi Electric is revolutionising indoor air quality. While most home ventilation systems are no better than opening a window letting valuable heat escape, Lossnay brings fresh filtered air in and recovers heat energy from the outgoing stale air which is then used to pre-warm the incoming fresh air. The end result is a healthier, drier and warmer home whilst maximising energy efficiencies.
Here's how it works:
Exhaust Air (EA): As the stale RA is removed, the Lossnay Core recovers useful heat energy from it. The air is then exhausted (EA) outside along with unwanted pollutants.
Return Air (RA): The stale air extracted from your home, which may contain high levels of CO2, odours, and pollutants, is considered Return Air (RA). Unlike positive pressure house ventilation systems, Lossnay can recover heat energy from RA.
Outdoor Air (OA): Fresh outdoor air (OA) is introduced and filtered before passing through the Lossnay Core. This allows the OA to be pre-warmed in winter or pre-cooled in summer using the energy recovered from the RA.
Supply Air (SA): The pre-warmed or pre-cooled supply air (SA) enters your home, providing fresh, comfortable air for your indoor environment.
Lossnay Heating

The Benefits of the Lossnay System

The Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay System offers a range of benefits that enhance your home's comfort and livability:
Improved Air Quality
By drawing in fresh outdoor air instead of attic air, indoor air quality is significantly improved as CO2 levels, odours, and pollutants are effectively removed from your home.
Moisture and Condensation Control
Lossnay helps reduce moisture in your home by removing stale air that contributes to condensation issues, creating a drier and more comfortable environment.
Fresh Air Without Open Windows
With Lossnay, you can maintain a well-ventilated home without the need to open windows. This improves safety, minimises outdoor noise, and enhances overall comfort.
Healthier Home
Filtered fresh air not only improves air quality but also benefits allergy and asthma sufferers, creating a healthier living environment.
Energy Efficiency
Lossnay boasts an A+ efficiency rating, pre-warming or pre-cooling incoming air and reducing the workload on your heating system, which can lead to lower heating bills.
Whisper Quiet Operation
With ultra-quiet operation as low as 14dB, Lossnay ensures quiet comfort in residential homes and apartments.
Easy Control At Your Fingertips
An intuitive controller with an easy-to-read LCD display is included as standard. It allows you to customise fan speed, night setback, and timers for optimal comfort and energy savings.
Easy To Clean
Standard filters can be easily removed for regular cleaning, ensuring that your Lossnay unit maintains peak performance.

Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation for All Types of Applications

Mitsubishi Electric offers versatile solutions to meet your specific needs for home ventilation in Christchurch:
In-Ceiling Solutions
These ducted whole-home balanced pressure Lossnay Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems are designed for homes with available roof or attic space to accommodate the heat exchanger and corresponding ducting.
Vertical Solutions
The slimline, Vertical Lossnay Series features a small, upright footprint that can be placed in the garage or a utility cupboard, making it suitable for installations where in-roof space is limited.
In-Ceiling Single Room Solutions
This cost-effective house ventilation system provides fresh filtered air to a single room with energy-efficient heat recovery. It can be discreetly installed in the roof or attic space.
Wall Mounted Single Room Solutions
Designed for homes without roof space for a heat exchanger, this wall-mounted system offers energy recovery ventilation for a specific area in the home.
No matter the type of application or your home's specific requirements, Mitsubishi Electric offers a Lossnay solution to suit your needs. These systems are designed for modern, airtight homes built to the latest New Zealand Building Code standards, ensuring optimal fresh air circulation without creating draughts or indoor temperature fluctuations.

Features of Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Ventilation Systems

Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Ventilation systems come equipped with advanced features to enhance your comfort and energy efficiency:
Temperature Sensor
The Zone Controller includes an inbuilt thermostat, allowing it to measure the usable space's actual temperature accurately.
Occupancy Sensor
The Occupancy Controller constantly monitors the usable area for vacancy and offers energy-saving control options when unoccupied.
Brightness Sensor
Working in conjunction with the Occupancy Sensor, the Brightness Sensor can be set to maximise energy savings based on lighting conditions.
Backlit LCD Touch Screen
The intuitive controller features a backlit LCD for operation in the dark, with a coloured LED indicator.
After spending years working in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry, we are certain that Mitsubishi offers some of the best home ventilation systems in Christchurch and all New Zealand.


Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump
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Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump
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