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Your home will be comfortable even in the hottest of Christchurch summers with air conditioner installation from DC Installation Services

Christchurch summers can get pretty hot and while everyone enjoys a day out in the sunshine, having the option to escape the heat is an added bonus, especially at night time.

You may be aware that a heat pump can heat your home, but did you know that they can also be used to cool your home? If you have lived overseas in hot climates you will be more used to these air conditioning units which are popular to provide cool air throughout the year.

A heat pump and air conditioning unit is perfect for the Canterbury climate, giving you variable temperature control so your home can be comfortable even on days where we have those chilly mornings and hot afternoon.

Three benefits of using an air conditioning in Christchurch

There are many benefits to using an air conditioner to cool your home during summer over other sources such as open windows or conventional fans. Here are three that will appeal to many homeowners.
1. Cooler rooms all night without open windows - running an air conditioning unit in or near your bedroom means you can have cool air without the need to leave the windows open. This makes your bedroom quieter and more secure.
2. Cleaner air - using an air conditioning unit which has a good filter system means that the cool air circulating in your home will be cleaner. This can reduce the likelihood of hayfever and other allergies and asthma during summer.
3. Fewer insects - one drawback of wide open windows and doors in summer is the amount of insects that turn up inside your home. An air conditioner gives you cool rooms with closed windows, keeping the bugs out.

DC Installation Services recommends homeowners install Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units

As an established heating and air conditioning specialist and having worked with a number of brands over the years, DC Installation Services recommends Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems. Mitsubishi Electric systems are quiet, energy-efficient and cost-effective and offer a range of units to suit budgets and home setups. Choose from:
Wall mounted units which are placed high up on the wall to keep them out of the way
Floor mounted units which are a good choice if you have shelving or artwork on your walls
Ceiling cassette units which fit neatly into the room's ceiling and provide excellent air flow in several directions

Wall mounted and floor mounted systems are more well known, but if you have a large open plan space, then ceiling cassette air conditioners or ducted systems may be the better solution for you. If you are unsure which new air conditioning system would be best for you, we are happy to advise on choosing the best air conditioning in Christchurch.


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