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Heat Pumps

Here at DCIS, we not only provide heat pump products, but also include heat pump services like pump installation and repair.

On average, installations take a quick 2-4 hours to complete, and are extremely efficient. Upon purchasing any of our products, you can immediately book the installation with us. There’s no need to wait as your requests go through a long chain of command - with us, there is no middleman, so you can talk directly with the people who do the work. Open and fast communication is very important for us to prevent miscommunication about anything discussed previously.

All our delivery vans are always equipped with a specialty setup, always prepared for whatever installation or heat pump repair work they need to do. We make sure to use only the best tools on heat pump installation jobs, along with our verified, tried-and-tested procedures to ensure the most efficient install.

After every heat pump service we perform, we ensure we will leave your home tidy and clean. Our vans are equipped with a vacuum cleaner, and any mess made from installation, replacement, or repair work will be cleaned up by us.

Aside from installation, we offer the following heat pump services:

Removal and Re-install - DCIS provides services for removal of a unit for whatever purpose. This includes reinstallation of the unit if you want to move it to a different location, or return it to its original place.

Replacement - if you want to replace your unit with a newer or more updated model, we are ready to do that on request. If you wish to get a model more fitted to the needs of your home, we will be happy to discuss it with you and offer advice on the topic.

Repair - our products are high-quality, and if well-maintained, repairs are rarely needed. However, we encourage you to contact us in these cases, so that we may provide efficient heat pump repairs. Most of our units have a warranty of 5 or 6 years, and through its lifetime, our workmanship is guaranteed.

We also offer free consultations and site inspections, and can provide advice on the best model and installation type of heat pump for your home. We provide this service to anyone within a 30km radius of Christchurch. To request a free quote, contact us here.