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Heat Pumps and Air Con

Here at DCIS, we aim to provide heating, cooling, and ventilation products for all your residential home needs in the Canterbury region. For use both in summer and winter, our home ventilation systems are top-notch, each functioning as both a heater and a home air conditioner. Our products come with install services, as well:

We offer a wide range of products from reliable, high-quality brands, some examples being Mitsubishi heat pumps. Our heat pump prices are affordable, and each product comes with a warranty from 5 to 6 years, depending on the brand. We also supply home ventilation systems from well-known brands like Fujitsu and Gree.

One of our best heat pump models are Mitsubishi’s heat pumps, which have the most efficient, cost-effective, and environment-friendly systems. We have a number of models from Mitsubishi’s GL series, which use the R32 refrigerant that contributes 33% less to global warming compared to most refrigerants. Our Mitsubishi heat pumps also have a 1W standby power, consuming 90% less electricity when on standby.

Below are some of the home ventilation and product installation types we provide:

High Wall Mounted Units - wall mounted heat pumps save floor space, providing comfortable ventilation while evenly distributing the warm or cool air through the room.

Floor Mounted Units - Floor mounted heat pumps are convenient and easily-accessible for those rooms that lack the upper wall space. These are also the better option for rooms with walls not able to support installation. These are less visible than wall mounted units, and work great for the room’s aesthetics.

Ceiling Mounted Units - Ceiling Mounted units provide heating or cooling to the whole house, keeping your wall and floor space free while giving a wider range of ventilation. Ceiling mounted units are also versatile, allowing you to meet your heating and cooling needs for both individual and multiple rooms.

Ducted Systems - Ducted systems are the optimal choice if you want your unit to be completely out of sight. These provide efficient heating, with the option of the airflow being distributed to all the rooms of the whole house for ventilation.

Cassette systems - Similar to ceiling mounted units, cassette systems blow warm or cool air either two ways or four ways, and are very efficient in distributing airflow across a room.

As we specialize in this field, we also offer free consultations and site inspections, providing our expertise in the field to offer advice on the type and heat pump prices that best suit your home. We provide this service to anyone within a 30km radius of Christchurch.

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